Location. Lifestyle.

Tucked along the North West Florida Coastline, sits a remarkable piece of America. Sugar white sand beaches, warm emerald waters and rich verdant forests. This part of Florida has been a closely guarded secret for generations of families who have planned vacations, celebrated birthdays and chosen to set up home on its pristine shores.

From Pensacola in the West to Apalachicola in the East, the communities that make up this remarkable coastline each have their own individual personalities; from young and lively to sleepy and relaxed, but all share some common traits we value. Here, your neighbors are your friends. This is a place where a handshake matters. Impromptu backyard parties and BBQs happen in a heartbeat and all are invited. The many bars and restaurants are where you can sit and chat with friends, new and old alike.

Our brewery is located in the heart of this community. Our beer suits our way of life. Welcome to our home. Welcome to Grayton Beer.