Grayton Beer Company Dubbel Barrel Collaboration Emphasizes the Art of Craft

When the limited run of the Grayton Beer Company Dubbel Barrel hits shelves in early November, tasters will experience the blending of two time-honored traditions. Inspired by Grayton Beer Compnay head brewer Tyler White’s passion for Belgian-style ales and Old Fashioned cocktails, the Dubbel Barrel is a Belgian-style dubbel aged in Belle Meade Bourbon casks from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery.


Since its founding in 2011, Grayton Beer Company has emphasized sourcing the highest quality ingredients and crafting beers of character, all rooted in family values. What began by a chance meeting in 2015 between Grayton Beer Company owner and founder Jamey Price and Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery co-owner and head distiller Andy Nelson has evolved into a harmony of flavors.   


“The creative process for this beer starts well before writing the recipe. It’s the opportunity for us to collaborate with other craftsmen, said Tyler White, head brewer at Grayton Beer Company. “This beer is a pinnacle of brewing for me.”

Beginning this November, the 1,200-bottle allotment of Grayton Beer Company Dubbel Barrel will be distributed exclusively to select southern states. The beer represents a synergy of tradition, bridging rich Belgian brewing tradition to match the rich whiskey tradition of Tennessee. With an emphasis on handcraft, the process starts with Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery hand-selecting American White Oak barrels followed by Grayton Beer Company hand bottling and hand labeling each individual bottle. As a single barrel run, each barrel of Dubbel Barrel is harvested independently, giving each single barrel bottling run nuanced flavors. The rich, malty dubbel beer is macerated with orange peels and cherries and later elevated by the signature rye finish from Belle Meade Bourbon casks, resulting in a flavor profile reminiscent of an old fashioned. The Grayton Dubbel Barrel is 8% alcohol by volume, 23 IBU and 49 EBC.

According to Andy Nelson, “This was just one of those kind of magical moments where it’s like OK maybe there is something here.”

For both Grayton Beer Company and Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery—two organizations focused on craft—the Dubbel Barrel illustrates a harmony of flavors, a collaboration of craft makers and the perfect way to savor the moment. To learn more about the makers, the story and the inspiration behind this collaboration, please visit