Our top seller, 30A Beach Blonde Ale now has its permit to make a presence on non-glass beaches. In its new 12 oz. can, Beach Permit Blonde Ale will be a top choice for beachgoers during this summer season.

Florida Beer Blog, said our new Beach Permit Blonde Ale cans are “easily the best packaging” they’ve seen in a while, and we agree! Our cans are set to hit the market May 19th, 2016 and we are so excited to see everyone’s reaction. 

True to its Blonde style, Beach Permit Blonde Ale has citrus flavors and a mild malt sweetness that are perfectly balanced with smooth bitter undertones, resulting in a light-bodied, refreshing ale that will remind remind you of the Northwest Florida Coast. 

“Canning is something we always intended to do at Grayton Beer Company,” said founder Jamey Price. “Our blonde ale was a natural choice to can first, because it is the lightest body beer in our portfolio that we currently have in production. We are excited that all of the local and visiting beachgoers will have a canned option to enjoy from Grayton Beer Company.”